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10 Online Dating Profile Examples + Added Bonus Tips


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Forget cliches. Forget generic adjectives and superficial tidbits without context. Remember that limiting a statement to liking long walks on the beach will inspire someone to swipe left or move on to the next profile.

Many people have a hard time writing an effective online dating profile. Often, it’s because they feel uncomfortable digging a bit deeper and revealing themselves. But whether you’re writing slick one-liners or crafting thoughtful paragraphs, it’s super important to be specific and get across what’s important to you. Here are some dating profile tips and examples that will help you connect with nice guys that give you butterflies.

It’s helpful to investigate the world of online dating before you take the leap. Don’t be afraid to look at examples of female dating profile headlines and steal ideas for online profiles. You’ll roll your eyes at some of them, but it’s never a waste of time to get ideas about what’s current in profile writing and what will work for you. When it comes to figuring out how to create a profile that will attract the kind of guy you’re looking for, one of the smartest things you can do is study others’ profile writing skills. Read below for some of the best women’s dating profile examples.

Good Online Dating Profile Examples

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I’m much more excited about observing the Milky Way than eating one. Don’t get me wrong— coffee and chocolate are important dietary needs, but inspiring others to learn about space exploration while leading a planetarium discussion gives me a natural high. It fuels me as much as starting my day every morning with a cardio boost. And while I love the depth and stimulation that comes from talking about Saturn’s cross constellation or dissecting why ‘Dune’ is such a layered book, I know there’s more to life than just enjoying the fact that I simulated a mission to Mars in Utah. I know how to let my hair down and enjoy the feel of the tango with a partner…

I play house for a living. As a speech pathologist, I use my skills to have fun connecting with children while exaggerating words. Whether I’m enthusiastically engaging in a fun game or patiently waiting for a child to open up and speak on their terms, I love getting paid for thinking like a kid. It probably informs my childlike wanderlust that leads me to meander for hours in bookstores researching Tudor England or take spontaneous road trips in Australia. But I’m still a bona fide grown-up woman. I love tasting sweet white wines at Linganore’s festival. I’m a responsible neighbor who’ll walk a dog when in need. I hate being late. I’m indeed fortunate to balance my ability to express the inner joy of a kid with being responsible. But there’s nothing like sharing both sides with the right one…

I know Helen from the dry cleaner. I’ll chat with Joe at the grocery store. I love being part of the fabric of a community that provides roots while building meaningful connections; it’s good for the soul. Even with this philosophy, customers think I’m younger than my years. They sense my good-heartedness or maybe just my yearning to ride away on a broomstick after re-reading ‘Harry Potter’ for the 25th time. Perhaps they know that I believe an Orange Slice pool float is really meant for adults at the pool. I can’t help but enjoy myself with abandon while watching the Warriors play, but I also know which wine goes perfectly with the charcuterie and how to show my legs off in a cocktail dress. That’s fun too. I’m thoroughly a grown-up, which includes being compassionate and doing the right thing. There’s satisfaction in making the ordinary beautiful, whether it comes from watching HGTV or growing lavender and listening to classical music. Enjoying the simple things and putting down roots with a partner would add much more magic to my life than any wizardry ever could…

These examples of female dating profiles are perfect for a site like Match.com. They illustrate who you are through actions and stories. They offer meaningful and specific information, seamlessly linking ideas to give the reader information about you while making the text engaging. It’s particularly useful to juxtapose aspects of who you are. For instance, profile #2 refers to her “getting paid to think like a kid”, but she shows examples of how she’s “a bona-fide grown-up woman”.

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Profile #3 is one of many examples of dating profiles for females over 50 that will attract men in her age range. She showcases her ability to be a good friend and build connections. You can sense her heartedness, maturity and zest for life.

  • I’ve thrown Oscar parties where everyone dresses up as a nominated character, and I serve food from the corresponding culture
  • I’ll stake out just the right place at Opera in the Park for the perfect picnic complete with wine and a blanket
  • I’m the ultimate cheerleader for friends and family
  • I’m famous for my chocolate chip walnut cookies
  • I take pride in defending the underdog in my job
  • I love extended travel and adventure to far off destinations

You should message me if:

  • You’d be happier being King of the Grill than Captain of the Couch
  • You’d enjoy cooking for me after a hard day or do something to make my life easier because you’d enjoy making me feel loved
  • You’d play a game with me when you see I’d need to let loose
  • You’d be more pro-PDA than not
  • You’d dance with me at a wedding
  • You’d be passport prepped
  • You’d match me in integrity and generosity
  • You’d be more intrigued than freaked by taking risks, even if it means hearing the cry of a small human in the middle of the night
  • You’d love the way I adore and appreciate you because of how we are together

Using bullet points is the optimal approach for a dating site like OK Cupid. You want to give specific info that’s important to you in both a women’s and men’s dating profile to get across and show the different dimensions of who you are. You don’t want to write short profiles that are too slick and don’t give enough info.

The 4th example is one of the best online dating profile examples to attract men because not only is it witty, but it’s soft. There’s a lot she gets across here as she successfully alternates fun statements with meaningful, deep statements. It ends with something heartfelt and meaningful, which is the ideal way to end most profiles.

Funny Online Dating Profile Examples

Standing on chairs to get the best view while watching bands like Maroon 5. Packing in a full day with wine tastings, Tours on Vespas, and farm-to-table meals on a trip to Tuscany. Wearing ugly sweaters too many days at Christmas time and having lighting competitions with the neighbors. These are things that just happen. I can’t help but thoroughly invest in experiences I enjoy, even if it looks like Santa vomited in my house during the holidays. For better or worse, I love exploring new horizons and caring about people. It’s why I’m warm and reassuring to clients and always have a soft and steady voice, but shout out the words to Eminem while driving and pumping myself up to fight for their rights…

If you’re looking for someone who’s quiet and smiles politely during a Kentucky college basketball game, you’re looking in the wrong direction. I’m the one unapologetically cheering in blue and white with gusto. Going for it whole-heartedly in everything I do is just part of my personality (it’s probably why I can dance like a fool on the Halloween float with my group, ‘TapDat’, without batting an eye). I can even maintain the sweet lilt in my voice while not taking ‘no’ for an answer at work. And even though I know that a big adventure surf in Nicaragua gets my heart rate up and going to festivals is always fun, I also know that the little things in life that count the most. Like remembering the thing you love and surprising you with it for your birthday…

These are online dating profile examples that are humorous but don’t leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. To widen your pool, it’s a good idea not to be too narrow with a sense of humor when you’re meeting new people. You don’t want to put off nice guys who may not get it. Warmth is the way to go. The best female dating profile examples that are funny have some depth to match the humor. Often, they are more subtle than not. Try to infuse your personal brand of humor in your profile. Above all, it’s essential to be true to yourself.

Short Dating Profile Examples

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Profile writing that gets to the point can be effective. This is a must on dating apps like Tinder or Bumble, as online daters on these dating apps notoriously have short attention spans. No one wants to hear your life story on here, so the good news is you don’t have to work hard to string sentences together while weaving in information. You’re best off with to-the-point pithiness—just make sure to show people info that is specific and pertinent to who you are. The key to success is organizing information in a way that is humorous or eye-catching.

  • Looking to share good food, good wine and adequate conversation. Warning: I take wine much more seriously than I take myself.
  • Nerd girl seeks nerd guy. Fan of all things science fiction.
  • Addicted to French fries, kindness, and all things Harry Potter. Guys who love to laugh are encouraged to apply.
  • Much too curious about life to enjoy Netflix and chill. Let’s go exploring.
  • Kissing in the rain and authenticity excite me. Cuddles and candles make me feel safe and warm.

Remember that all the profile tips in the world won’t help if you don’t have the right photos or choose a dating site that doesn’t suit you. Do your research, put in some effort, and have fun!

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