Frequently asked questions

What is Project Fixup?
Project Fixup is a better approach to meeting people that fixes up interesting people on fun outings. We do all the work to find a person we think you’d like to meet and organize a fixup that’s in line with your schedule and interests. We’re like a combination of your best friend and your personal assistant.

What is a fixup?
A fixup is an opportunity to meet someone new organized by Project Fixup on your behalf. Each fixup has a specific theme, like Craft Beer Fixups, Wine Tastings, Politics, Sports Lovers, etc. You choose whether you want to receive fixups for a particular theme.

Where do the fixups happen?
We scour Chicago to find the best bars, restaurants, and other venues for the fixups we organize. Your specific fixup spot will depend on your interests and location; we work hard to find a place that will be both fun and conveniently located. Interested in being a Project Fixup hotspot? Email Sarah at to learn more about how we can partner to send fixups to your location.

Are the fixups one-on-one or in groups?
For now, fixups are one-on-one occasions. We have experimented and plan to keep on experimenting with two on two and group fixups. You will be notified via email when these opportunities become available.

Do all the fixups happen in the same place?
Definitely not! All our fixups happen at different times and locations around the city based on our members' interests and schedules. It is very unlikely that another fixup will happen at the same time and place as yours.

How old are your members?
We have arranged successful fixups for members ranging from age 22 to 68. Our average member is in their 30s but we are open to all ages. We take your preferred age range into consideration when organizing a fixup for you.

Are you open to the LGBTQ community?
We are absolutely open to members of the LGBTQ community.

Who can see me on Project Fixup?
The only people who see your questionnaire answers are members of the Project Fixup team. When you have a fixup, your prospective match will see a summary of you that we create based off your interests. The rest of your information is totally private. There are no profiles or searching, so no one else will know you’re on Project Fixup unless you tell them (which you should, because Project Fixup is great!).

How much does it cost?
Most themes are $15 per fixup, but we do offer special themes at different prices. This price includes selecting the person and doing all the planning for the fixup, such as coordinating schedules and finding venues. You pay for any costs associated with the date, such as the drinks you order at the bar.

How are you different from other dating sites?
With Project Fixup you pay for fixups, not a subscription. Our technology is focused on creating a better experience for meeting interesting people. For example, we protect your privacy and safety by routing your text messages and phone calls through an internal Project Fixup number so you can communicate with your match without giving away your phone number. We also don't believe you can fully get to know someone solely online.We make it easier for our members to get to know people in the real world by taking the hassles of scheduling, finding a venue and back-and-forth messaging out of the equation.

Ok I am sold. How do I sign up?
Great! Click here to create and account.

I have more questions. What do I do?
No problem. Email Jessica at and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Hey I think you guys are pretty cool and I have a partnership in mind!
We are always looking for new and interesting things for our members to participate in. If you have an idea or would like to talk about future opportunities to team up, email Sarah at

What's your process for fixing me up?
We create matches from completed profiles focusing on finding commonalities in interests, preferred demographics and location. Our primary focus at any given time is on finding the best possible matches, but we also prioritize members who we consider “good fixup citizens.” A good fixup citizen is someone who has a complete and detailed profile, confirms fixups often and completes the after fixup feedback survey regularly.

Do you use an algorithm to match people?
We use a combination of smart people and smart algorithms to create effective fixups. Machines are good at processing data and humans are good at making judgments. We try to utilize the best of both worlds. There is indeed an algorithm that we're constantly tweaking and improving, but it only serves to increase the productivity of our people and allow them to make good judgments on particular matches, instead of sifting through mounds of data. There is always a human that reviews your fixup before you see it.

When will I hear if I have a fixup?
We'll send you an email as soon as we find a match for you, if you don’t hear from us right away that does not mean you do not have a fixup -- we are just still looking for a good match! When you receive the email with your match, you'll have an opportunity to confirm, reschedule or pass on your date. When passing on a fixup, only your fixup specialist will know the reason why. Your match will be notified that the fixup has been passed on but is not told the reason that you list.

Am I guaranteed a fixup after I sign up?
Once your profile has been approved, we will start looking for a match for you, but there is no guarantee that we will fix you up. We value your time and will only set you up on fixups with people we think you might enjoy meeting. If you have any questions, reach out to Jessica at

What information will you provide about my fixup?
We will send you details of your fixup to your inbox. This email includes the details of your date (time, place and day of the fixup) and a short description of your match's interests written by our Fixup Specialist. The day of your fixup, you and your fixup will receive a text to indicate what each of you is wearing so you are able to find each other at the venue.

What do I do once I receive my fixup?
Once you receive an email about your fixup, you will have 48 hours (2 days) to confirm, pass or reschedule. If you do not confirm, after 3 days your fixup will be passed on. When this happens, you will be deprioritized. Please be sure you respond to every fixup proposal you receive -- if you do not respond to a fixup proposal then you will be deprioritized in the system.

Can I say no to a fixup?
Yes - after receiving your proposed fixup you will have the option to pass. But Project Fixup is about meeting new people, not viewing profiles, so we recommend that you confirm whenever possible so you can meet someone new and see if you hit it off. If you pass too frequently we may deprioritize you in our matching process. Additionally, if you find that your schedule has changed and you are no longer available for the day your fixup is planned, you have the option after you confirm to reschedule the fixup.

Can I cancel after saying yes to a fixup?
Yes. We respect your schedule and the fact that last-minute things may come up. Note that if you cancel too many times and we believe you're abusing the system, we'll deprioritize you in our matching process. Additionally you will not be eligible for a refund. Please contact your fixup specialist if you need to cancel your fixup.

How do I communicate with my match in advance of the fixup?
We provide a special Project Fixup number that you can use to communicate with your match. This number will automatically route your texts and calls to your match's phone without exposing your phone number. Make sure to get your match's phone number if you'd like to stay in contact after the fixup.

How do I get my match's personal phone number?
We respect your privacy and don't share any personal information without your consent. You should exchange phone numbers on the fixup if you want to stay in touch. If you were so distracted by how amazing your match was that you forgot to ask for their phone number then contact your fixup specialist and they will forward your contact information to your match.

What happens after the fixup?
After your fixup, you will receive a survey that asks a few short questions about your experience. This helps us get to know you better and organize even better fixups in the future. It's up to you if you want to stay in touch with your match once your fixup is over.

I completed my questionnaire. Now what?
In order to get fixups from Project Fixup, you first need to have your profile approved by a fixup specialist at Project Fixup. Once you are approved, you will receive an email asking you to input your schedule. After you have a schedule with updated availability, you will be eligible to start receiving fixups. Looking forward to fixing you up!

Whoa no pictures? What's up with that?
We are currently only sharing the description and time/day/location for the fixup. Photos are used internally to see who we think you'd like to meet. We carefully screened each of the matches that we've sent out looking carefully at preferences, interests, dealbreakers and weaknesses. We have learned from past experiences that by not showing pictures, more people are willing to go out and meet someone new. For more information, view this post on our blog. We understand that not everyone is comfortable meeting someone blindly. We are currently working on developing a loyalty program that will reward members for going on fixups and writing reviews. For our loyal followers, we will provide an option to see pictures of a match before a fixup. Stay tuned!

What if I need to cancel a fixup after I have already accepted?
We do not encourage you to cancel a fixup if you have already accepted but we understand life happens. If you cancel a fixup after you confirmed it, you will not be refunded your money. If an emergency situation came up, you can speak with your fixup specialist and they will determine a refund on a case by case basis. If you do not cancel your fixup and do not show up you will not receive a refund.

How much does Project Fixup cost?
It’s free to complete the questionnaire and be considered for matches. Once you and your match confirm a proposed fixup, you will be charged $15. If you do not get a confirmed fixup, you will not be charged. There are no hidden prices or on-going subscription fees -- you only pay per fixup.

What is included in the price?
This price includes finding the person and location and arranging the date, including coordinating schedules. You pay for any costs associated with the date, such as the drinks you order at the bar.

Why aren’t you free?
No website is free. Even if you're not paying money, you’re spending hours of your time combing through profiles, crafting clever messages, waiting days for a response. And your time is worth way more than $15. You’re priceless.

What are the benefits of buying a credit package?
You save money and earn more priority in our matching process.

What’s the deal with this 'awesomeness guaranteed' business?
We are committed to making sure that the fixups we organize are worth your time. To that end, we offer an awesomeness guarantee: if you have a bad experience with Project Fixup just let us know and we’ll give you your money back.

I signed up for a fixup and did not receive a match. After checking my information, I was not credited the $15 I paid for the fixup. Where is my money?
You will be credited the $15 if you did not receive a fixup or passed on a fixup and we were unable to find you a new one. If you were sent a fixup but did not confirm/pass within the allotted time or signed up for a fixup theme but did not complete your profile, you are not eligible for a fully credited account or refund. If you believe you are eligible for a credit and did not receive one, email Sarah at

I am trying to upload my photos but I keep getting an error message.
If you are uploading pictures, please be sure to check that the size of the photo is less than 2MB. Still having trouble? Email Sarah at and she can assist you further.

I recently got into a relationship but I keep getting fixups.
First off, we’re sad to see you go! You are able to update your status to unavailable for fixups by logging into the Project Fixup website and adjusting your settings on your dashboard. In the future, if you would like to receive fixups you would need to log into your dashboard and adjust your availability status a second time.

Can I change my information after I submit it?
Yes! Interests, hairstyles, favorite bands are constantly changing and we understand that. To update your information, just log into the Project Fixup website and select the complete questionnaire option on the lefthand side of the dashboard. To make it easier, we’ve also made it accessible in the top right hand corner by clicking “Questionnaire.”

How do I update my photos?
You would update photos the same way you would update your questionnaire -- log into the Project Fixup website and select the Questionnaire option. You will be able to skip the other sections (or go through them) and head straight to the photo section by looking at the tabs across the top of the screen.

I keep getting passed on. What can I do to make my profile more attractive?
We believe that it is best to represent yourself as accurately as possible. If you are getting passed on or not getting matches, that could be for a wide variety of reasons. You can contact Jessica, our Fixup Specialist, at if you would like specific feedback/pointers about your information.

How can I get better matches?
To get better matches, it’s best to give us the most detailed questionnaire possible. You can always add more interests and we’d love to see more of them! It is best to include things your are currently interested and participate in (or would like to!). If you ran one marathon three years ago and are no longer a runner, it may not be the best thing to include. But if you enjoy watching movies and going dancing (or would like to) then we encourage you to include it in your profile. Other ways that help is giving us detailed comments on feedback surveys and pass reasons. For example, if you went on a fixup and you did not connect to the person, tell us why you did not connect to them. We use the information to find you a better match so everyone is happy (especially you!).

I completed my profile and have been approved. When will I get my fixup?
Congrats on being approved! We are looking forward to fixing you up. First things first is to make sure you update your schedule to tell us when you are available. Once you have availability, please be patient. We do not want to find you any ol’ match but someone we think you will find interesting. Timing can vary from person to person depending on interests and preferences.

What does my description say about me?
Our fixup specialist writes your description that is sent to a match using the information you provided in your profile. An example of a description is below. She is pretty, active, and fun. Some of her interests include traveling, running along the lakefront, and entrepreneurship. She enjoys reading Fast Company, The Economist and tech/social investment blogs.On her DVR is New Girl and Scandal. Her music tastes include Macklemore, Miles Davis and Justin Timberlake. She also enjoys ultimate frisbee, craft beer and wine tastings, and camping.

What is the deal with this phone number on my fixup page?
We provide you a safe and anonymous way to contact your match before you are able to meet in person. The number is only provided after two people have confirmed their fixup. Your phone number will never be shared with your match unless you decide to do so on your fixup. The phone number will be terminated 24 hours after your scheduled fixup. A specific number is only assigned to a certain fixup and a future match will not be able to see past messages if you happen to be assigned the same number again.

I am not interested in my fixup. I want to pass but I don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings. Should I just say that I recently got into a relationship?
Absolutely not. Many of the reasons for passing on fixups are very valuable to us in finding you a new and awesome match. Select the real reason you are passing in all situations so we are able to find you good matches that you want to confirm. When passing on a fixup, the other person is notified that the fixup has been canceled but is not told the reason why.

Can I say no to a fixup?
Yes - after receiving your proposed fixup you will have the option to pass. But Project Fixup is about meeting new people, not viewing profiles, so we recommend that you confirm whenever possible so you can meet someone new and see if you hit it off. If you pass too frequently we may deprioritize you in our matching process. If you continuously find you are not receiving interesting fixups, we encourage you first to update your profile and then reach out to

Can I cancel after saying yes to a fixup?
Yes. We respect your schedule and the fact that last-minute things may come up. Note that if you cancel too many times and we believe you're abusing the system, we'll deprioritize you in our matching process. We do encourage that you opt to reschedule your fixup. If you need to cancel a fixup, please email Jessica at

How does rescheduling work?
The best way to reschedule with a match after you have a confirmed fixup is to use the Project Fixup phone number to coordinate with your match a better time to meet. Then, go to your fixup page and click the reschedule option. Here you will be able to select from a set of dates that both you and your match have listed as available on your calendars. If you have opted for a different time not listed, you can enter it manually on the same page. If you need to reschedule before your fixup has been confirmed, you can do so on the fixup page with your match and choose reschedule.

As a business owner, I would like to become a Project Fixup date venue. How do I make this happen?
We would love to have you as one of our venues! Businesses should contact Sarah at and someone will get back to you about your inquiry.

We had a really great time on our fixup. Can you set up a second fixup for us?
At this time, we only send out fixups for people meeting for the first time. If you’d like to see each other again, you should exchange phone numbers or email addresses at your fixup and make plans through contacting each other directly.

What are some reasons I am not fixed up in a certain month?
There are a few reasons why people do not get sent a fixup. The short list includes: someone that you were matched with has reached their quota for fixups that month, your schedule was not compatible with potential matches, or potential fixups decided to opt out of getting fixed up after they signed up.