Frequently asked questions

What is Project Fixup?

Project Fixup is a better approach to dating. There’s no browsing through profiles or messaging back and forth. Instead, you answer a few questions and we fix you up and coordinate all the details, including selecting a convenient time and place, to make it easier and more fun to meet someone new.

Where do the fixups happen?

We select the best bars, coffeeshops, and other venues in your city for our fixups. Each fixup happens at a different time and location based on members’ interests, schedules, and venue preferences.

Are the fixups one-on-one or in groups?

For now, all of our fixups are one-on-one.

How old are your members?

Our members tend to be at least 25, but from there we have members of all ages!

Are you open to the LGBTQ community?

Yes, absolutely!

Who can see me on Project Fixup?

The only people who see your questionnaire answers are members of the Project Fixup team. When you have a fixup, your prospective match will see a summary that we create based off your interests. There are no public profiles or searching, so no one else will know you’re on Project Fixup unless you tell them (which you should, because Project Fixup is great!).

How much does Project Fixup cost?

It’'s free to complete the questionnaire and receive fixup proposals. Once you and your match confirm a proposed fixup, you pay the $20 fixup fee. If you do not get a confirmed fixup, you will not be charged. There are no hidden prices or ongoing subscription fees -- you only pay when you actually meet someone new.

What is included in the fixup fee?

The fixup fee covers the work of finding the person and location and arranging all the date details. You pay for any costs associated with the date, such as the drinks you order at the bar. Since we set everything up for you (i.e. one person did not invite the other person out on this date), etiquette, as well as Project Fixup, would suggest that you both split the costs associated with the date. Of course, feel free to use your own personal discretion and preference.

Why aren’'t you free?

No website is free. Even if you're not paying money, you’re spending hours of your time combing through profiles, crafting clever messages, waiting for responses that could be spent doing something more fun. And your time is worth way more than $20. You’re priceless.

What’s the deal with this 'awesomeness guaranteed' business?

We are committed to making sure that we are organizing fixups that you find worthwhile. To that end, we currently offer an awesomeness guarantee: if you have a terrible experience on your fixup, just email us and we can process a refund.

Where is Project Fixup available?

We just launched nationwide and soon in Canada -- we will service all areas as long as there are active members!

Before 2016 we were only available in Chicago, San Francisco, and Triangle (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill). Members from new cities may receive fixup proposals less frequently at first but can expect more as our membership grows.

Ok, I'm sold! How do I sign up?

Great! Click here to sign up and answer a few questions so we know more about you. We look forward to fixing you up!

I have more questions. What do I do?

No problem. Email us at - or ask a question in our help portal and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

I completed my questionnaire. What happens now?

After you complete your questionnaire a member of our team will review your profile (as long as you don’t upload pictures of your favorite Pokemon instead of yourself and don’t list murder as a hobby you should be good to go). Once you’re approved you will receive an email asking you to share your availability. Once we have your schedule, you will be eligible to start receiving fixups and we will start to look for a match for you.

When will I hear if I have a fixup?

We'll send you an email as soon as we find a match for you, if you don’t hear from us right away that means we are still working to find someone. We value your time and will only set you up on fixups when we have a person we think you’d like to meet. If you have any questions, reach out to us at

What do I do once I receive my fixup proposal?

Once you receive an email with a fixup proposal, you will have 48 hours to confirm or pass. Responding is very important! If you do not respond to your fixup in that window, we will pass on your fixup automatically and put your account on hold until we confirm you are still interested in getting fixed up.

What information will you share about my fixup?

Your fixup details include a short description of your match's interests and the time, day, and location of your date. You will be able to ask your fixup specialist any followup questions, and we highly encourage you to do so if you have any doubts. The day of your fixup, you and your fixup will receive a text to share what you are wearing so you are able to find each other at the venue.

What happens once I confirm my fixup?

You will receive an email once you and your match have both confirmed your fixup letting you know that it’s on and reminding you of the details. Just show up at the right time and place to meet someone new!

Can I say no to a fixup?

Yes - after receiving your fixup proposal you will have the option to pass. But Project Fixup is about meeting new people, not viewing profiles, so we recommend that you confirm whenever possible so you can meet someone new and see if you hit it off in person. If you pass too frequently we may deprioritize you in our matching process.

Can I cancel after saying yes to a fixup?

We strongly encourage you to do what you can to meet your match at the scheduled time once your fixup is confirmed. Canceling hurts the experience of the other person who had blocked out that time. Due to this, you won’t be eligible for a refund if you cancel after confirming due to changes in your schedule or situation. If something unexpected comes up, we recommend using the special Project Fixup number to as soon as possible to update your match and hopefully find a new time that works for you two to meet. If absolutely you must cancel, please notify both your match via text and your fixup specialist via email as soon as possible.

Can I reschedule a fixup?

We recommend keeping the original time if possible, but you are able to reschedule if needed. The best way to reschedule with a match after you have a confirmed fixup is to use the Project Fixup phone number to coordinate with your match a better time to meet. Then, go to your fixup page and click the reschedule option to input the updated time you two have selected. If you need to reschedule before your fixup has been confirmed, you can do so on the fixup page with your match by clicking the reschedule button and selecting from a set of dates that both you and your match have listed as available on your calendars.

How do I communicate with my fixup to find them at the bar or let them know I am running late?

We provide a special Project Fixup number that you can use to communicate with your match. This number will automatically route your texts and calls to your match's phone without sharing your phone number. This number expires 24 hours after the fixup ends, so make sure to exchange numbers if you'd like to stay in touch after the fixup.

What happens after the fixup?

After your fixup, you will receive an email that asks a few short questions about your experience. This helps us get to know you better and organize even better fixups for you in the future.

Ok I am sold. How do I sign up?

Great! Click here to create an account.

I have more questions. What do I do?

No problem. Email us at - or ask a question in our help portal and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!