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Our 2020 Hi5 Review

Hi5 is a popular social networking app that was founded in 2004. Boasting seventeen years of existence, Hi5 has managed to garner millions of users onto its platform. Similar to networks such as Friendster and Facebook, this chat room is perfect for singles who enjoy casual dating and potentially long lasting friendships or relationships.

The dating atmosphere that it brings is not as serious as that which comes with other full-fledged dating sites. It is safe to say that this chat room offers more of a relaxed dating atmosphere. Want to know more about this incredible dating chat room? In this Hi5 review, you will join me in exploring the ins and outs of this dating platform.


  • User-friendly design
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Messaging feature is free to use
  • Large user base
  • Quick complaint resolution system


  • Slow loading website

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Member Information

Hi5 attracts millions of worldwide members. There are 10.5 million members from the United States alone. But just judging from those who interacted with me, the Hi5 website contains a majority of members who hail from United States, United Kingdom, and South American countries.

Even better is the fact that Hi5 is gender proportionate. Unlike dating sites that may have more men than women or vice versa, this chat room is made up of 50% men and the same number of women. This is because the site developers wanted a potential for every male and female member who joins the chat room.

I noticed that the acceptable age for the members on the chat room is 18-35 years old. The most interesting aspect that comes with this social dating platform is its diverse user base. As members hailed from all over the world, the chats were rather exciting.

The dating section of this social networking app makes it possible to not only meet other singles but also share photos, hobbies and interests, as well as create status updates. So, finding a partner is easy. With more than 40 million singles visiting the platform on a monthly basis, you are bound to meet at least a handful of people who will catch your fancy.

With 24,000 sign-ins every single day, a majority of profiles on the chat rooms are active. The active users in the chat room are looking to build romantic connections both online and offline. There are no restrictions as to how members can interact or the kind of content that they can share. There are members that will make their intentions known in their status updates while others prefer one on one chats before making their intentions known.

Sign Up Process

Rating: 4.0 / 5

Signing up to Hi5 took me a total of 3-5 minutes. With the set-up being rather simple and straightforward, and the user interface being friendly, I ended up with an account in the shortest possible time.

You have three registration options on Hi5: Google account, Facebook, and email. It is up to you to choose the option that you are most comfortable with. I found signing up with my Google account the best option for me.

First, you are asked to provide a username and appropriate password that you will use on the platform. Note that the chat room calls for strong passwords. Therefore, using a general name as a password is not acceptable. In fact, I had to try out a few password options before ending up with the one that worked for me. If you get a “weak password” notification as you are signing up, keep trying until you get it right.

After that, you will choose your country of origin and enter its appropriate zip code.

hi5 screenshot of steps to follow to join

Additional information includes your ethnicity and gender. Of course, you will also be asked for an email confirmation. Once your email is confirmed, only then can you join the chat room.

Click on the “OK” button and your profile will be created.

After a successful sign-up, you have the option to import contacts either from your email or your Facebook accounts. This means that the contacts that you already know on Facebook or those that are part of your email list will become part of your Hi5 chats if selected. However, adding contacts is up to your discretion and you can skip this step if you want to.

Contacting People

Rating: 4.0 / 5

When it comes to contacting other Hi5 chat room members, I was able to send messages free of charge. In comparison to other dating platforms where you can view messages but only respond after a subscription, Hi5 breaks the mold and even lets members with a free account send and receive messages.

But still, there is a catch with this one–as a member with a new HI5 account, you cannot send messages to the most popular users using your free account. You will have to wait for a specific amount of time to elapse before you can contact these users on a free membership.

However, all hope is not lost because you can contact anyone you wish, at any point in time with a premium account. But in the spirit of being frugal, I opted to wait for the time limit in my account to elapse and after a month, I was able to make contact with the most popular members.

When users are online, their status switches to “active”. In the same token, when you are online, other users will see that you are active on the platform. This is the best time to strike up a chat because isn’t it just better to have an active conversation with someone rather than send messages without getting a response because the person is offline?

At this point, it is best to browse through the profiles so you can weigh your options and chat with the members who interest you.

hi5 screenshot of various people profiles

Finally, Hi5 comes with a roulette-type matching game that motivates different users to contact each other. The game works in that the chat room matches you with a random prospect. If you like the match, they will receive a notification and you can begin a conversation from there onwards.


Rating: 3.0 / 5

The profiles on Hi5 are not as exhaustive as some other sites. But as the chat room brings a fun and relaxed atmosphere, the profiles may not need to feel as in-depth. However, I still feel like the profiles on Hi5 should be a bit more extensive.

This is my Hi5 profile:

the image shows a person's profile, even if it is not registered in the app

I was able to view other member profiles even without a premium subscription. This makes it easy to come in contact with the members who appeal most to you without any restrictions. On a free account, I also viewed profile pictures and any comments that my profile received.

However, if you do not want anyone to see your profile, you can set it to “private”. Making your profile private means other users cannot see your profile picture, your uploaded photos, or post on your comment wall. If you are looking to chat with everyone, ensure that your profile setting is “public”.

Profiles can be edited. Therefore, if you wish to change the information on your profile, you can always do it later. If you do not want to upload a personal photo of yourself to serve as your profile picture then you can always opt for a GIF.

As Hi5 asks for basic information during the sign-up process, you cannot really know members from their profiles. You will not have an in-depth understanding of the members who catch your fancy in the chat rooms.

The only way to know who other members are in a more extensive way is to strike up a conversation with them. Even so, you will still find information on gender, relationship status, age, language spoken, and ethnicity on member profiles. This is a good starting point for any conversation.

Mobile App

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Hi5 comes with a refreshingly easy mobile app that especially comes in handy when you are away from your desktop. As you can access it on your smartphone, you can enjoy Hi5 on the go. In fact, compared to its desktop counterpart, the app is more aesthetically pleasing and promises its users a thrilling dating appearance. Needless to say, it lives up to its hype.

hi5 screenshot of the app in the google store

What attracted me the most to the app was its clean and minimalistic design. It also comes with features that are easy to access. Additionally, the tabs are well-organized, enabling you to enjoy every facet of the app in an easy and productive way.

The Hi5 app also comes with an extra feature called “live” which allows for the live streaming of members content in form of their trending, live videos.

The app is available for Android and iOS download. Need I say more?

Membership Options

Rating: 3.5 / 5

There is a clear difference between the Hi5 free membership account and the fee-based accounts. While the free account allows for member searches and messaging, the fee-based accounts allows for this and more.

Fee-based accounts enable you to see members who have recently viewed or liked your profile. With a subscription, you can also check if your messages have been sent and whether they have been read. This only goes to show that you will receive more perks when you subscribe with Hi5.

Here is a breakdown of premium membership pricing:

hi5 screenshot of monthly fees

Clearly, making a three-month subscription is cheaper than only subscribing for a single month. Additionally, a six-month subscription lets you enjoy the chat room’s perks without breaking bank.

The Bottom Line

We can agree on one thing–that Hi5 was a hot site when it was first established. But having been in existence for almost two decades, we cannot take away the fact that it has weathered the storms that comes with social dating. Yet, it still stands strong amidst a few others.

The chat room comes with thousands of active members on any single day and offers an unforgettable chatting experience. However, Hi5 is meant for those who enjoy casual dating. It brings fun and dating together. But if you are hoping for a serious, committed and lifelong romance, then you should look elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hi5 for mobile?

Yes. Hi5 comes with an easy to use mobile app that users on the go can enjoy.

What is the Hi5 dating app?

Owned by The Meet Group, the Hi5 dating app is meant to bring singles in the same area together. It is targeted to people who are interested in dating, flirting, and making connections.

How do I contact Hi5?

If you have any questions about the dating service or are encountering problems with your profile and/or account, contact the Hi5 customer experience team at [email protected]. In case you have a dispute or a complaint that needs immediate attention, contact Hi5 by filling the dispute resolution form at http://www.hi5.com/support.html and you will receive a ticket number for your submission.

Can I sign up on Hi5 for desktop?

Yes. Hi5 has a desktop version. By logging into hi5.com using your browser, you will end up on the website where you can create an account and join the dating chat room. After filling in your personal information, choose a profile photo and enter the conformation code that you will receive in your email. After that, you will have a Hi5 profile.

How can I delete Hi5 account?

Log into your account and click on “my account “in the upper right corner. Then click “settings” and select the “cancel account” option. Select your reason for cancelling your account then click on “Yes, I want to cancel my Hi5 account”.

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