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How does PokeDates work

man at computer

1. Answer a few questions

Tell us about yourself and what you seek in a PokéMate. One of our Specialists will review your PokéProfile.

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2. Share your schedule

Let us know when you’re free and we'll start searching for someone you can explore and battle with.

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3. Confirm your PokeDate

You'll get an email with details about your PokéMatch and a time and place to meet. Your first PokéDate is FREE.

man and women pokemongo

4. Catch 'em all, together!

Just show up at the right place and time and you can catch ‘em all together on your PokéDate!


About Pokemon GO?

Pokémon GO is arguably the best idea of the 21st century. Combining heart-felt nostalgia with the latest in Augmented Reality technology, this game allows 2-200 year olds to explore the Pokéworld via the real world.

To play, you have to leave your home, go out and about and roam this world of ours. You literally cannot play without moving - and fitbits all over the world have been tracking record steps as a result.

While competitive, most users see more upside in collaboration and this game has been breaking societal barriers and making friends left and right.

What’s next for Pokemon GO? Well it’s obvious isn’t? Pokedates!

About Project Fixup

PokeDates is powered by Project Fixup, a fun and convenient way to meet someone new (whether or not you play Pokemon GO!)

At Project Fixup, we believe that dating should be about getting out there, meeting new people, and enjoying the world around… not sitting on your computer browsing, swiping, and messaging back and forth. Project Fixup is about OFFline dating, and saving you the hours of time you would spend online to end up with the same date. Project Fixup is for anyone that is single and up for getting fixed up! We cater to all ages, races, and gender identities..